Supported Dialects

SQL is not copy-paste portable. Each database vendor implements SQL differently. You can use joinMonster's options argument to pick your dialect (see details). Here is a list of the currently supported SQL dialects.

Dialect Pagination Description
'sqlite3' Application-layer only Supports the most basic features. Because it's so simple, some other vendors will still work. Postgres and Oracle can, albeit without the pagination features.
'mariadb' Offset and keyset with batching only A more capable superset of MySQL. Version >= 10.2 is required since window functions are used for pagination. If using a prior version, use the MySQL dialect.
'mysql' Application-layer only Basically the same as SQLite3 but with backticks.
'pg' All types supported Fully-featured dialect. Version >= 9.3 required since LATERAL JOINs are used for pagination.
'oracle' All types supported Fully-featured dialect. Version >= 12 required since CROSS and OUTER APPLY are used for pagination. If you are using 12.1, you may encounter this regression bug. You can address this by applying the appropriate patch or switch to version 12.2 or later.

Adding other dialects is welcomed and encouraged. Have a look at the /src/stringifiers directory.